AEC-Q200 Oscillators

ECS Oscillator products include hybrid clock oscillators with a complete range of performance options. ECS hybrid clock oscillators incorporate precision quartz crystal resonators and state-of-the-art technology to combine low cost, high reliability and superior miniaturization. Available packages include dual in-line and PC board mountable designs.

ECS offers a wide range of hybrid thru-hole clock oscillators including TTL and HCMOS outputs. The Full and Half Size package types are available with or without tri-state and options include tight tolerance, 3.3 V and extended temperature ranges.

ECS's 20-plus years of experience with piezoelectric technology makes it a leader in the design and manufacturing of oscillators for standard or custom application requirements.

Image Model Info Min Freq. Max Freq. Size (LW) mm Voltage Operating Temp Stability  Data Sheet
3951M ECS-2520Q 0.75 MHz 60 MHz 2.5 x 2.0 x 0.8 1.8 ~ 3.3V -30 ~ +85°C ±50 PPM Download Data Sheet
184-8-36-CKM ECS-3225Q 0.75 MHz 50 MHz 3.2 x 2.5 x 0.9 1.8 ~ 3.3V -30 ~ +85°C ±50 PPM

Download Data Sheet

184-8-36-CKM ECS-327ATQMV 32.768 KHz 32.768 KHz 3.2 x 2.5 x 0.9 +1.62 ~ 3.63V -40 ~ 125°C ±100 ppm ecs datasheet download

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