RoHS Compliant

ECS, Inc. is fully committed and supports the RoHS Directive and now produces compliant product conforming to the following definitions. Many of our products have been RoHS Compliant from their inception. Many of them conform to the following guide lines.

RoHS Compliant Product:
Lead (Pb) and the other materials (Hg, Cd, Cr+Vl, PBB and PBDE) banned in the RoHS Directive are below all applicable substance thresholds as proposed/approved by the EU.

The RoHS Directive Annex contains certain exemptions:
Those applicable to many of ECS, Inc. products are mentioned in paragraphs 5 & 7.Annex. Applications of Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, Hexaument Chromium, which are exempted from the requirements of article 4(1).

5: Pb contained in glass used in electronic components
7a: Pb contained in high melting temperature type solder having more than 85% Pb in the allow
7d: Pb contained in ceramic piezoelectric components

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