Frequently Asked Questions

1. What parts are being transitioned to Lead Free Designs? Please see the attached Pb Status spreadsheet.

2. Which parts are RoHS compliant? Please see the attached Pb Status spreadsheet.

3. Are there part number changes? Please see the attached Pb Status spreadsheet.

4. If there are no part number changes how will we be able to order compliant parts? At the time of the order, order the noted part number, and in addition you must specify "Pb Free Only" on all purchase orders to ensure the receipt of "Pb Free Product". Even without a part number change or part marking, you should specify "Pb Free Product Only" on all RFQ's and Purchase Orders.

5. How will we be notified of changes? If we do not make a part number change as noted there will be a "Pb Free Notice" advising you of the status of that specific model or part number. Those parts noted on the attached Pb Status spreadsheet with "Y always" have always been Pb Free and RoHS compliant and thus a notice will not be needed.

6. Will packaging or parts be conspicuously labeled as Lead Free or RoHS compliant? Yes, whether the part itself will be marked with a Pb Free designation or not, the lowest container will always have the RoHS/Pb Free Logo.

7. What are introduction schedules? As you can see by the attached, many parts are currently "Pb Free". Others have introduction schedules noted.

8. When will samples be available? If we have indicated a "Pb Free" version available, samples are readily available. Where we have noted a target date, samples will be available at that time.

9. When will production parts be available? See answer 8 above.

10. Are there going to be price changes? In some instances, there may be upward price adjustments. Of course this will be model and product dependent and you will be advised what that increase will be if any.

11. Is solder profile data available? Yes, we have prepared our Profile Table that outlines our profile definition and will be sent to you under separate cover upon request. Specific test data by model will only be available upon special requests.

12. How do you order Lead Free/RoHS compliant parts? As noted above, you will order by part number as noted on the attached Pb Free Status spreadsheet. In addition, you will need to specify "Pb Free Product Only" on all purchase orders whether or not the part number has changed, whether or not there is a new part number or whether or not the part has a marking change.

13. How do you identify Lead Free/RoHS compliant parts in our inventory? The product noted as "Y-always" on the attached spreadsheet is product that has always been Pb Free and meeting all RoHS standards. It is up to you to identify this product in its own inventory that is is Pb Free and RoHS compliant. In addition, product noted as RoHS Exemption currently meets RoHS standards and will be the responsibility of the customer to identify it as such in its own inventory. All other product that is ordered and marked as "Pb Free" on the component and/or marked on the lowest container packaging as "Pb Free" shall be considered Pb Free and RoHS compliant going forward.

14. When will yon stop manufacturing components containing lead and when and how will we be notified? Discontinuance of products that contain lead will be on a model by model basis. You will be notified in a timely manner when there is an EOL of any of our products that contain any of the hazardous substances.