Bluetooth: Bluetooth wireless technology and others have been designed to eliminate the need for cables in local environments. Many of our high reliable, high frequency, miniaturized frequency control management devices are suited for this technology that allows inter-connectivity and rapid deployment of computers, mobile phones, short range hand held devices, personal WAN or ad hoc networks.

Gigabit Ethernet: The accelerating growth of LAN traffic is pushing network administrators to look for higher speed network technologies to meet the demand for additional bandwidth. Gigabit Ethernet technology seems to be the most compelling among high speed technologies. ECS, Inc. has introduced low jitter clock oscillators that are required to meet this application along with low SSB phase noise parameters.

WLAN: Since the adoption of IEEE802.1b standards, WLAN'S are capable of enabling highly integrated voice, data and video communications. WLAN'S are bringing reliable and affordable wireless networks to the enterprise. Many of ECS, Inc's high reliable crystals clock oscillators, and filters have been designed to enable mobile connectivity between home and office across analog and mixed signal integrated platforms.

Fiber Optic Solutions: In today's expanded era of data exchange in our Internet world, the need to support large files and high speed video transmission is mandatory. ECS offers a number of time and frequency products that support this need. Ask about our VCXO's, high frequency clock oscillators, filtering networks, and other timing synchronization products for these backbone switching applications.