RoHS Lead Free Product

The electronics industry and our Customers are facing a technology transition of unparalleled scope and complexity.

The introduction of the Reduction of Hazardous Materials (RoHS) Directive by the EU, with and effective date for most electronic assemblies of July 2006, will create the need to completely transition product and assembly processes away from basically six banned substances. As you are likely aware, other key markets are considering similar legislation, including China, Japan and the state of California (SB-20). ECS, Inc. has received numerous requests for our Customers to fully transition well in advance of the legislated deadlines.

ECS, Inc. is committed to providing all of our Customers with high quality products and services meeting all of the RoHS requirements. ECS, Inc. is aggressively moving towards eliminating what has been designated as hazardous materials from its manufacturing processes and those same materials that may be embedded in its products to assure compliance with the RoHS standards.

ECS, Inc. is also committed to doing business with only RoHS Compliant raw material suppliers. ECS, Inc. requires its manufacturing centers to comply with all applicable local laws, regulations, orders and policies in providing products and services that also follow the RoHS standards.

As a vital element within this process, it is imperative that we have your commitment to support this objective with your patience and understanding during this transition.

We have seen requests from NEDA, the National Electronic Distributors Association, outlining some very important questions surrounding lead free transition and RoHS compliance. We will attempt to answer these questions to the fullest so that you have a complete understanding of our Readiness and Transition Initiative. (View RoHS Faqs)

In summary, ECS, Inc. has established an initiative based upon internal and customer assessments. Please see our Pb Free Status and Part Numbering/Part Marking for Pb free product attached.

We appreciate your support regarding this key initiative. We are aware that a strategic partnership must exist between our representative/distribution network, valuable customers and ECS, Inc. if we are to collectively achieve RoHS compliance in a timely and efficient manner. To that end, ECS, Inc. looks forward to a continued collaboration throughout this transition. We are confident that, with your support, we will be able to meet these very important objectives.

ECS, Inc. has studied and considered a lead/designated hazardous material disposal program for product already in the supply chain. As of this writing, it is our position that we will not adopt a plan for returns or a disposal program for product currently in those channels.

Questions regarding ECS, Inc.'s RoHS implementation strategy should be directed to Engineering